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Yiddish 2017

Lesson 4 - Accents

Lesson Video

All Languages Have Accents
In the video for this lesson, the woman pronounces words differently to how we have taught them. In some cases the words are not only pronounced differently but spelt differently.

There is often discussion is to what is the 'correct' way to say a word however this is not something unique to Yiddish.

In English, there are different ways of saying and spelling words so for example the word "colour" is the form in the UK but "color" in the USA. In Scotland they have separate terms and when written those terms are spelt very different.

So when learning Yiddish, just be aware that you will hear different accents and different ways of saying and spelling words however there is not really a correct way of saying a word, rather every way of saying a word is correct.
Hebrew v Yiddish
If you are a Hebrew speaker as well as an English speaker then Yiddish could be very easy for you to understand.

Firstly Yiddish has so many similarities with English (the Germanic influence in both) but secondly a chunk of the non-Germanic words in Yiddish come from Hebrew..........or come from Yiddish but are now used in modern Hebrew.

However the spelling and pronunciation in Yiddish is often different to how it is said in modern Hebrew.

Here are some examples:

  Yiddish Hebrew
For example    
Sir (or Lord)    
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