Yiddish 2017: Lesson 1
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Yiddish 2017

Lesson 1: Days of the Week

Lesson Video

Lesson Words
Monday Montik מאָנטיק
Tuesday Dinstik דינסטיק
Wednesday Mitvokh מיטוואָך
Thursday Donershtik דאָנערשטיק
Friday Fraytik פרייַטיק
Saturday Shabes שבת
Sunday Zuntik זונטיק

I am in Israel Thursday and Friday.

Ikh bin in yisroyl donershtik un fraytik איך בין אין ישראל דאנערשטאג און פרייטאג

She works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Zi arbet montik, dinstik un mitvokh זי אַרבעט מאנטאג, דינסטאג און מיטוואך
Tuesday is the 3rd day of the week Dinstik iz der dreyter tog fon der vokh דינסטיק איז דער דריטער טאָג פֿון דער װאָך
On Thursday we want to go to a restaurant Donershtik veln mir geyn in restaran

דאָנערשטיק װעלן מיר גײן אין רעסטאָראַן

On Saturday we want to drink wine Shabes veln mir trinkn vayn שבת וועלן מיר טרינקען ווייַן

(1) When you say "On Saturday we eat" or "On Monday we go," the verb comes after the We

(2) In Yiddish you don't say the word "On." 

So literally you write "Saturday want we" or "Tuesday eat we."

Please read these sentences in Yiddish. When complete, you can email your answer to us and we can review them together: yiddishtube@gmail.com
(1) On Wednesday she will drink coffee
(2) I eat breakfast on Friday but i do not eat breakfast on Tuesday
(3) On Sunday i am always busy
(4) Monday is a often difficult
(5) Saturday is shabbut
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