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Yiddish 2017

Welcome to this new section that started in January 2017. This has been made thanks to the people who donated to Yiddish.biz over the last year.

The focus of this section is to improve listening skills.

It is very hard to hear Yiddish nowadays so the primary goal of this section is for people to practice hearing the Yiddish language.

The plan is to make around 4 to 5 lessons however more lessons will only be made if people do decide to donate. Even if just small donations.

If you cannot afford much a $5.00 donation is just the same as a coffee at Starbucks. Here is the link to the donation page: GoFundMePage

Lesson List

Lesson 1

Days of the Week

Lesson 2

Past Tense Practice

Lesson 3

advanced dialogue

(not notes yet for this lesson)

Lesson 4



Lesson 5

Review of useful verbs

(Video to be released in a few days)

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