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"The" (Part 2 of 4)

The Word "The"

In Yiddish saying "The" changes a lot and 3 lessons are needed. This is part 2 of 4.

About 15mins of study time can teach you part 1 of learning "The"

Rule 1

All Yiddish nouns are in 3 different groups and each group has its own word for "The."

-  The Table Der Tish  
-  The Bread Dos Broyt  
-  The Cat Di Katz  
Table is in the "Der" group of nouns. Bread is in the "Dos" group of nouns and cat is in the "Di" group of nouns. These are the 3 groups. There is a 4th group which is all plural nouns. This is explain in part 2.

Rule 2 - For the "Der" group only.

The "Der" changes to "Dem" sometimes. Please read the following.
The boy buys the table Der Yingl koyft dos tish  
The boy eats the apple Der yingl est dos epl  
The boy buys the car.  Der yingl koyft dos oyto  
Table, apple and car are all in the "Der" group. They change to "Dem."

The Reason

"The boy buys the table." In this sentence there are 2 nouns, "the boy" and "the table."

"The boy" is the subject and "The table" is the object. All sentences have a subject. Most have a object.

All "Der" nouns changes to "Dem" when the noun is the object.

The changes to "Dos" and "Di" are explained in part 2. For now assume that "Dos" and "Di" do not change when they are the object.

Rule 2 - More Examples

The subject is in blue and the object is in read.

The table is big Der tish iz groyz  
The man buys the table Der man koyft dem tish  
The apple is nice Der epl iz shayn  
The child eats the apple. Dos kind est dem epl  
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