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Lesson 6

Lesson 6

To See & To Know

Lesson Video: 
 Grammar - The Accusative (the object)
In English, the word order of a sentence is super important. For example, with the phrase:

 - The boy eats the apple.

If the word order is different then the meaning is very different.

 - The apple eats the boy.

In the Yiddish language, the word order is less important than in English. Instead words can change. One common way is with the word "The." But this only happens with nouns that use the "Der" group.

 - Der becomes Dem

The apple Der epl דער עפל
I eat the apple Ikh es dem epl אי עס דעם עפּל
The boy Der yingl דער יינגל
I see the boy Ikh ze dem yingl איך זע דעם יינגל
The table Der tish דער טיש
I buy the table Ikh koyf dem Tish איך קויפ דעם טיש
Extra Phrases
The people see the house Di mentsh zen dos hoyz די מענטשן זען דאס הויז
The children see it Di kindr zen es די קינדער זען עס
Their grandmother sees her Zeyer buba zet ir זייער באָבע זעט איר
I can Yiddish Ikh ken yiddish איך קען ייִדיש
I know Yiddish Ikh ken yiddish איך קען ייִדיש
In Yiddish, the verb "to Know" is the same as "to be able (to can)." But there are two different verbs for "to know," in Yiddish. The 2nd version is taught in future lessons.
I know him Ikh ken im איך קען אים
He knows her Er kent ir ער קענט איר
Adjective Practice
A lot of adjectives have been used so far in this course. He is a review of all the adjectives used.
I am happy Ikh bin glicklekh איך בין גליקלעך
He is very clever Er iz zeyer klug ער איז זייער קלוג
The dog is here Dos hunt iz do דער הונט איז דאָ
The girl is not tired Di madel iz nisht mid די מיידל איז נישט מיד
The boy is very busy Der yingl iz zeyer farnemen דער יינגל איז זייער פאַרנומען
Our house is good Undzer hoyz iz gut אונדזער הויז איז גוט
His coat is big Zayn mantel iz groyz זיין מאַנטל איז גרויס
The shirt is new Dos hemd iz nay דאס העמד איז נייַ
She is beautiful Zi is sheyn זי איז שיין
I am so lazy Ikh bin azoy foyl איך בין אַזוי פויל
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