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Lesson 11

Lesson 11


Lesson Video: 
Jewish English
There is a form of English slang which is called "Yinglish" or "Jewish English." These words are often used in talking about Judaism. These are all words from Yiddish that Jewish people in English speaking countries use while talking normal English.

All these words in this lesson can be used in English for talking about Judaism.

Lets pray Lomir davnen לאָמיר דאַוונען
Shabbos is beautiful Shabbos iz sheyn שבת איז שיין
To Bless Bentshn בענטשן
Judaism Yidishkayt ייִדישקייט
Synagogue Shul שול
The synagogue is big Di shul iz groyz די שול איז גרויס
Grammar Rules - Girls
A lot of jobs and other things have extra letters added if it referring to a woman.

Here are some examples.




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