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About the Course

Good for people still new to the language or with a little knowledge. This course has other core verbs not mentioned in the beginners course.

A few deeper grammar rules are in this course as well as other vocabulary. In general, finishing this course and the beginners course means you will know all the most common words in the Yiddish language.

Lessons 1 to 12

Lesson 1

Understand & Like

Lesson 2


Lesson 3

Hate & Think

Lesson 4

Teach, Learn & Worry

Lesson 5

The Past

Lesson 6

See & Know

Lesson 7

To Go & To Agree

Lesson 8

Adjective Training

Lesson 9

Write & Help

Lesson 10

Used to & Should

Lesson 11


Lesson 12

There is


Practice of the lesson 1 to 12

THE: Part 2

Second lesson explaining the complicated rules involved in the word the.

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Lesson on how to ask a question. A brief introduction on the common question words and their functions.

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Verb List

A review of the verbs used in this course. Generally covering all the core verbs of the language.

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