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Reading Practice

Phrases, Set 6

Linking Sentences

In English, when you want to explain something in a bit of detail you tend to add words like, 'thus', 'so' & 'therefore'.

For example

I am hungry, thus I will eat something.

or I am thirsty so I will drink water.

Below are some examples of how this works in Yiddish.



די זון שיינט, איז שיין אין דרויסן

The sun is shining, therefore it is nice outside

NOTE: There is no word for therefore, so or thus. Just a comma. Notice too the position of the verb after the comma. This rule is the same for all examples.

די ברידער האבן געהאט א שטיקל ערד, האבן זיי עס צוזאמען באארבעט

The brothers had a piece of land therefore they worked on it together.

דער עלטערער ברודער האט געטראכט וועגן דעם יינגערן ברודער, האט ער ניט געקענט שלאפן

The older brother was thinking about his younger brother, therefore he could not sleep

דאס איז א הייליק ארט, האט מען דא געבויט דעם בית-המיקדש

This is a Holy Place, therefore the Temple was built there

NOTE: The temple was build is said as "man built the temple." This rule is covered in other parts of hte course.

מיין טאכטער האט א זון, בין איך א באבע

My daughter has a son, therefore I am a grandmother

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