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Reading Practice

Upper Beginners, Set 3

The verbs in this set of phrases are all the beginners verbs that ideally you know and you can practice. If you don't know them, even better, you can learn them here.

Those verbs are highlighted in purple.

They want a good teacher

זיי ווילן א גוטן לערער


You have the blue table
דעם בלויען טיש האט איר

NOTE: Literally saying 'The blue table have you."

The father wants a new table
דער טאטע וויל א נייעם טיש


The girl does not have the long nose
דאס מיידל האט ניט קיין לאנגע נאז


The boy has a crooked back
דאס יינגל האט א קרומען רוקן


The patients like the fine doctor
די קראנקע האבן ליב דעם פיינעם דאקטער

NOTE: The verb to like is said as "have love."

I need the yellow book
דאס געלע בוך דארף איך

NOTE: The word order here is basically "The yellow book have I."

Such a word order is common in Yiddish although you can have the English too of word order with the prnnoun and verb at the start.

The teacher needs a new book
די לערערין דארף א ניי בוך


Who knows the ugly people?
ווער קען די מיאוסע מענטשן


People like smart people
מע האט ליב קלוגע מעוטשן

NOTE: This could be translated in English as "One likes smart people."

The word 'מע' is like how "one" is used as a pronoun in English.

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