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This section is a place to practice Yiddish via reading.

It is ideal for people who are Upper Beginners and know the basics of the Yiddish language.

In the material, the Yiddish is only in the Hebrew letters and not the English/Latin letters.


Set 1 Set 2
Set 3 Set 4

(The Weather)

Set 5

(The Family)

Set 6



Paragraph 1

(The Weather)

Paragraph 2

(It is Hanuka)

Words & Phrases
Lunch ווארעמעס
Precious or Dear טייער
The words, אין א נאווענע, meaning for a change. That in itself is a saying. But the whole phrase rouhgly tranlsate to the English saying: "Once in a while."

איין מאל אין א נאווענע

Saying meaning. "What is the matter." וואס איז דער מער
Literally this means "Good year" but it is used as a reply to you if someone says "Good Morning." גוט-יארץ
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