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"The" Part 3

The Dative

You have probably not heard the term "Dative" before. It is important as it changes how "The" is said as well as how many other words are said.

Another term for Dative is "Indirect Object." The table below explains what these terms mean.

Every sentence has a subject. The subject is in red. Most sentences have an object. The object is in green
We eat the apple
They buy the house
My friend gives the present
David brings the food
Below are more examples, the Dative is in blue.
We give the apple to my friend
They bring the house to the girl
My friend gives the present to him
David brings the food to her
In the examples above the parts in blue are "objects" but the term is "indirect object." So you apple goes to the friend and thus the friend is the object.

Change to "The"

In English the Dative is formed by adding "To." In Yiddish, instead you do not add "To" but you change the word for "The."
I give the pizza to the girl Ikh geb di Pizza der maydl איך געב די פּיצאַ דער מיידל
We give the horse to the boy Mir gebn dos Ferd dem Yingl מיר געבן דאס פערד דעם יינגל
They bring the apple to the person Zey brengen dem epl dem mentsh זיי ברענגען דעם עפּל דעם מענטש
David brings the car to the house Dovid brengt dem oyto dem hoyz דוד ברענגט דעם אויטאָ דעם הויז

Three Groups. Remember, all nouns in Yiddish are in 3 groups (Di, Dos, Der)

In the Dative each group has is own word for "The"

The The (in Dative) The (in Dative)
Der Dem דעם
Dos Dem דעם
Di Der דער


The pronouns in both English and Yiddish change their form in the Dative. Noun that in English, "Me, You, Him & Her" are the pronouns in the Dative.
Me Mir מיר
You (dative) Dir דיר
Him Im אים
Her Ir איר
Us Undz אונדז
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