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Lesson 8

Lesson Video

Lesson Words
Angry Beyz בייז
Bride Kaleh כּלה
Gloves hentshkes הענטשקעס
Gray groy גרוי
Green grin גרין
Trousers hoyzn הויזן
To Seem Oyszen אויסזען
To Tell dertseyln דערציילן
New Verb Rule (To Seem & To Go Out)
The verb "to seem" will be confusing when you are new to Yiddish.

It has a special rule where you stick the word "oys" on the verb "to see."

He seems Er zet oys ער זעט איוס
They seem Zey zen oys זיי זען איוס
This will seem strange at first but once you get the hang of it, suddently the Yiddish language becomes easier, The reason is that loads of verbs us this rules.........whereby you take another verb and stick a word onto it to make another verb.

The verb: "To invent" follows this rule. You start with the verb "to think" and add "oys"

To invent Oystrakhtn אויסטראַכטן
He invents Er trakht oys ער טראכט אויס
They invent Zey trakhtn oys זיי טראכטן אויס
The word: "oys" can (roughly) be translated as "out" so:

To invent = To Think Out

To You (or just you?)
In this sentence the word "aykh" means "you" in English.
He can tell you Er ken aykh dertsayln

ער קען אייך דערציילן

But actually it should be translated as "to you." It is also referring to a group of people (i.e. you guys). Well this should be confusing and the reason is that the word "you," is full of confusion.

As a result we have a special lesson (without a video) about "You" that can be found on this page: (page not yet open, sorry)

Vocab Practice
The grandparents tell the boy Di boba-zeyda dertsayln dem yingl די באָבע-זיידע דערציילן דעם יינגל
I am telling him something Ikh dertsayl im epes. איך דערצייל אים עפּעס
The husband seems happy Der man zet oys gliklekh דער מאַן זעט אויס גליקלעך
He does not seem clever Er zet oys nisht klug ער זעט אויס נישט קלוג
Maybe i will buy gloves today Efsher vel ikh koyfn henshkes haynt אפֿשר וועל איך קויפן הענטשקעס הייַנט
The gloves are green. Di henshkes zenen grin די הענטשקעס זענען גרין
The girl invents something Di maydl trakht oys epes די מיידל טראכט אויס עפּעס
The boy is green and the girl is white Der yingl iz grin un di meydl iz veys דער יינגל איז גרין און די מיידל איז ווייַס
The brides has gray trousers Di kaleh hot groyer hoyzn די קאַלע האט גרוי הויזן
The bribe should buy shoes and trousers Di kaleh zol koyfn shikh un hoyzn די קאַלע זאָל קויפן שיך און הויזן

Dialogue Text

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