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Lesson 1

To Come, To Take & To Do

Word List

1 Come Kumen קומען
2 Take Nemen נעמען
3 Do Ton טאָן
4 King Meylekh מיילעך
5 Father Tate טאַטע
6 Mother Mama מאַמע
7 Once Eyn mol איין מאָל
8 Year Yor יאָר
9 Month Khoydesh חודש
10 Together Tzuzamen צוזאַמען
11 Uncle Feter פֿעטער
12 There (over there) Dortn דאָרטן

Grammar - You (Plural)

People who know French or Spanish will understand that there is a separate way for saying "You," when talking to a group of people. This is translated in English as "You guys," "You lot" or "Y`all."
You Ir איר
You are happy Ir zeit freylekh איר זײַט פֿריילעך
You are sad Ir zeit troyerik איר זײַט טרויעריק
You have nothing Ir hot gornisht איר האָט גאָרנישט

Key Phrases - Lesson Verbs

The father is coming now Der tate kumt itst דער טאַטע קומט איצט
I come this year Ikh kum hayor איך קון הײַיאָר
His mother came yesterday Zeyn mama iz gekumen nekhtn זיין מאַמאַ איז געקומען נעכטן
The children take the dog Di kindr nemen dem hunt די קינדער נעמען דעם הונט
His friends takes it Zeyn khaverim nemen es זיין חברים נעמען עס
David took the money last year Dovid hot genumen dos gelt far a yor.

דוד האט גענומען דעס געלט פאר א יאר

The uncle is doing something Der feter tot epes דער פעטער טוט עפּעס
They want to do it there Zey veln tun es dortn זיי וועלן טאָן עס דאָרטן
The grandparents did it together Di boba-zeyda hobn geton es tsuzamen די באָבע-זיידע האָבן געטאָן עס צוזאַמען

Verb Practice

I agree with David Ikh bin maskim mit Dovid איך בין מסכּים מיט דוד
We are going (walking) now Mir geyn itst מיר גיין איצט
They see something Zey zen epes זיי זען עפּעס
We used to understand Hebrew Mir flegn farstayn Hebriash מיר פלעגן פֿאַרשטיין העברעיש
Together we eat the fish Tzuzamen esn mir dem fish צוזאַמען עסן מיר דעם פיש
The Jews buys the house there Di koyfn dos hoyz dortn די יידן קויפן דאס הויז דאָרטן
The doctor thinks he is coming Der doktor meynt az er kumt דער דאָקטער מיינט אַז ער קומט
The uncle should drink a bit of wine Der feter zol trinkn a bisl veyn דער פעטער זאָל טרינקען אַ ביסל ווייַן
We have several friends Mir hobn etlekhr khaverim מיר האָבן עטלעכע חברים
The father and the mother speak English Der tate un di mame redn english דער טאַטע און די מאַנאַ רעדן ענגליש
They lived in Israel for a month Zey voynen a khoydesh זיי האָבן געוווינט אין ישראל אַ חודש
This year I am learning Yiddish Hayyor lern ikh zikh yiddish הײַיאָר לערן איך זיך ייִדיש

Reading Practice


 -  Der tate un di mame kumen fun New York ober zey voynen in London. Der tate iz a doktor un di mame iz a zhurnalistka. Der tate heys Moshe un di mame heys sarah. Zey veln tun epes THIS MONTH.

  -  Zey veln forn keyn Yisroyl ober zey zenen tsu farnemen. Haynt geyn zey tzuzamen in park un zey nemen zeyer hunt.

  -  Far a yor zenen zey geforn key frankraykh. Zey hobn geton a sakh un zey hobn gezen a sakh. Moshe kent etlekher mentshn in frankraykh un sarah hot mishpokha dortn. Ir mishpokha kumt fun Yisroyl ober zey voynen in frankaykh.

  -  Zi hot oykh a feter in England un a mume in italia. Zey veln kumen keyn Amerika hayyor. Moshe hot nisht keyn feter ober er hot a mume. Zi heys Dvorah. Zi voynt in Tel Aviv un zi iz a lererke


  -  The father and the mother come from New York but they live in London. The father is a doctor and the mother is a journalist. The father is called Moshe and the mother is called Sarah. They want to do something this month.

  -  They want to travel to Israel but they are too busy.  Today they go together to the park and they take their dog.

  -  Last year they went to France. They did a lot and they saw a lot. Moshe knows several people in France and Sarah has family there.  Her family comes from Israel but they live in France.

  -  She also has an uncle in England and an aunt in Italy. They want to come to America this year. Moshe does not have any uncle but he has a aunt. Her name is Deborah. She lives in Tel Aviv and she is a teacher.

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