Lesson 3. Yiddish Beginners Course
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Beginners Level

Lesson 3


Word List

To Be Able to (can) Kenen קענען
To Eat Esn עסן
He Er ער
Meat Fleysh פלייש
Fruit Frukht פרוכט
Woman Froy פרוי
Coat Mantl מאַנטל
FIsh Fish פיש
Teacher Lerer לערער
Key Phrases
I know Yiddish Ikh ken yiddish איך קען ייִדיש
He does not know German Er kent nisht daytsh ער קענט נישט דײַטש
In Yiddish, the way to say "I know" is to say "I can." Literally what you say is "I can yiddish" & "I cannot German"
The teacher eats the meat Der lerer est dos fleysh דר לערער עסט דס פלייש
The woman buys it Di froy koyft es די פרוי קויפט עס
  Notice above that the word "The" was different.
They eat fish and fruit Zey esn fish un fruckt זיי עסן פיש און פרוכט
They eat meat Zey esn fleysh זיי עסן פלייש
Meat in Yiddish is Fleysh. This is very similar to the English word "Flesh."
He wants to be able to eat Er velt kenen esn ער ווילט קענען עסן
"To can" does not exist in English, "to be able to" is the infinitive. In Yiddish "to can" does exist - kenen.
I want to buy a coat Ikh vel koyfn a mantl איך וויל קויפן אַ מאַנטל
We want to have fish Mir veln hobn fish מיר ווילן האָבן פיש
The woman has a lot of fish Er hot a sakh fish ער האט אַ סך פיש
He understands Hebrew Er farsteyt Hebraish ער פארשטייט העברעיש
The teacher speaks Yiddish Der lerer redt Yiddish דער לערער רעדט ייִדיש

There are many ways of saying "The" in Yiddish.

Please click on this LINK for an explanation of how to use this word.

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