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There are many things you can do to help us.

Everything is done by volunteers and donations so contact us if you want to get involved.


Yiddish Short Film Project

Project Motivation

While there has been a greater interest in the Yiddish language recently, there is very little in terms of film. Both learners of Yiddish and those whom already speak the Yiddish new videos in the language.

We want to create short films so people can view videos in the Yiddish language on YouTube and other free websites. These videos will be in "simple" Yiddish, and with English-subtitles so everybody can understand.


In 2016, we will be releasing a series of short films which will be primarily in the Yiddish language.
These films will be a chance for both learners of Yiddish to have material for their studies but also be a permanent source of Yiddish videos on the internet.

Traditional Style

Within European Jewish culture, the artistic tradition was to adopt a critical style towards everything. From this sprang comedy as a form to mock society.
Our films intend to follow this tradition and offer entertainment in the from deep Jewish humour that is both intellectual and sharp, but may make the view a little uncomfortable.

Actors Needed (London)

All the staff required for the making of the films have been finalized. We are just looking now for 2 actors to play the roles. One actor would play a religious Jew whom is very straightforward and closed minded, the other role would be a Muslim whom is kind and sympathetic.

All costs will be covered plus extras on top of that as a means of payment.

If you are interested, please email us at info@yiddish.biz

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