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YiddishPop - Our Review


In development now is a animated Yiddish educational program that is using modern high tech graphics to teach the Yiddish language. The program and website is called "Yiddishpop." The language is taught in a fun way using animations, games and quizzes.

The program is based on the ideas of the late linguist, Naomi Prawer Kadar, who helped to create the educational system at the website, brainpop.co.uk. This system used special techniques to teach variety of subjects from Science to Maths. Yiddishpop is adapting these techniques to teach Yiddish.

According to the Yiddishpop website, "Dr. Kadarís dream was to develop an educational Yiddish program" and "In her memory and honour, her family undertook the development of YiddishPOP."

Yiddishpop teaches some of the Yiddish basics effectively to adults and especially affective to children. There are no English translations on its audio and its a good method for beginners.

However the site on has 2 chapters currently online and its officially still in its Beta testing. The potential is laid for a really good Yiddish language program however the only doubt is whether many extra chapters will be added to teach enough of the language.

For now its famous among the small online Yiddish networks but hopefully it can grow and get popular enough among the wider Jewish community that it can be a big boost in the revival of Yiddish among younger generations of Jews and Non-Jewish enthusiasts.

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