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There are many things you can do to help us.

Everything is done by volunteers and donations so contact us if you want to get involved.


Online Yiddish: The Yiddish Academy


Many ask us where we can learn more yiddish, what do we recommend. There are plenty of courses all over the world but most want a website where they can learn right now in their bedroom.

We recommend to check out the website "Yiddish Academy." At the link: http://yiddishacademy.com/

The website is run by two Jewish guys originally from the USA but now living in Jerusalem called Moyshe and Smelke. Both men are passionate Yididshists and learnt the language not as their mother tongue but later in life.

Since then they have dedicated a large amount of time to Yiddish and Moyshe works in Yiddish translation with his website at http://yiddish-translation.com/ .

They also have a third person called Pam whom is a native speaker that does the proof reading for the site.

In general the Yiddish Academy is helping to end the panic that the Yiddish language may die. Along with other websites in yiddish, the Yiddish Academy means that the language has some solid foundations for the future.

The site costs $30 which may be annoying to pay for, the money goes to a good cause. It will help them add more information and support the revival of yiddish that is taking place on the internet.

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