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Yiddish Newspaper Still Alive and Well
At the centre of the Yiddish mini-revival is a newspaper that is over 100 years old named; Forverts. Based in New York, the Forverts publishes a weekly Yiddish Newspaper that is read by a few thousand and also publishes plenty of other material on the internet including 100s of videos in Yiddish and Yiddish audio.

The newspaper was founded in 1897 at a time of large Jewish immigration to the USA. The paper was originally firmly Left-Wing and supported causes outside of the mainstream of American society. The reason for this was that most Jewish immigrants became part of the working-class whom worked mainly in factories. These Yiddish-speaking Jews felt excluded from power and organised in trade unions and Socialist political parties. The newspaper was part of this culture and was an important force in the Jewish political scene for decades.

During the 1910s to 1930s the newspaper was at its peak and sometimes would sell over 200,000 copies a day. The paper lost popularity as the new generations spoke English and not Yiddish and by the 1960s the paper was selling only 50,000 daily. By the 1980s the paper reduced its editions to only once a week and the English edition became more popular than the Yiddish one.

However unlike other Yiddish newspapers that closed down during the 1970s and 80s, the Forverts has remained strong and now is very much at the centre of the Yiddish speaking revival among non-Haredi Jews and others interested in the language.

Due to pressure from advertising and also a desire by some to follow a Liberal agenda like the NY Times, the Forverts is no longer a paper reporting and supporting causes from a left-wing agenda, rather its more Centralist. Although due to many new Yiddish speakers being Leftist the readers are in general more Liberal-Socialist than other newspapers.

The journalists at the Forverts and those working for the newspaper in other ways tend to be highly educated and while the number of readers is only a few thousand for the Yiddish edition, these writers and readers are very committed to the newspaper and the paper has a solid future.

The importance of Foverts cannot be underestimated as it comes from a time when millions spoke Yiddish in the USA and 100,000s read the newspaper and it continues to be published into this new era of Yiddish as a language.

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