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For people who have completed the other lessons or who are already semi-fluent in the Yiddish language.


This section is due to be open in the Spring 2015. 

Course Structure

Teaching advanced parts of the language is very different to teaching other levels. The advanced course will hence be very different and consist of the following.

(1) Vocabulary builder.

      -  As advanced student have all the vital grammar already, the main focus is to raise the knowledge of vocabulary. especially verbs. Special lessons to accelerate word knowledge will be at the centre of this course.

(2) Conversational networks

      -  A problem that intermediate students often have is that they have already learnt how to speak much of the language but cannot practice. We aim to create networks for these students so they can practice with others.  

(3) Audio Practice

     -  We plan to create a large amount of mini films with converations and speeches. Having the audio in Yiddish but often too with Yiddish subtitiles.

  Copyright-Free. All learning material may be freely shared and distributed without request. London. UK. 2013-2014.