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Yiddish Language Project

About Us

Project Motivation

Research shows that up to 20 times more people will use a language product if its free than if they need to pay. Our goal is to support the Yiddish language, so we aim to keep it free forever.

The Yiddish language has become very popular over the last few years and many people want to learn the language. But as there is no Yiddish-speaking country its hard to learn the language.

Our Aim
Using Videos & Online Lessons is affective to teach the basics of the language and even some more advanced parts.

Being able for people to become fully fluent is harder using these teaching methods though. For someone to become fully fluent, this requires much speaking practice. Our aim here is to create (and improve) Yiddish-Networks online and offline so people can speak together.

The domination of English, even among conversations between Israelis and Americans would make speaking Yiddish "a little strange." However, we want to break the ice in this social relationship and have all these Yiddish enthusiasts speaking Yiddish with each other.

Permanent Improving
The corporations whom have produced the best language programs in the world to teach have a tendency to develop a good program but then stop improving it. Then they just they then spend most of their time and money on sales & marketing to sell the program.

Our approach is different. We aim to permanently improve the Yiddish Language Course and perfect it more and more. The progress may be slow but the idea remains of permanently improving the material and adding more and more.

Eventually we want to teach people the entire language to fluency and all online.

Volunteers & Donations
We have received many emails from people wanting to help either by volunteering or giving a donation. Both things help a lot and already some of those who emailed us and helping to improve the course.

Anyone with a passion for Yiddish can be part of this. Don't be shy, contact us.

  Copyright-Free. All learning material may be freely shared and distributed without request. London. UK. 2013-2014.